Our story

As a one-man company, Daniel's car valeting provides cleaning services for vehicles in and around Buckinghamshire. Its owner, Daniel, wanted a strong branding to compete with other local companies when reaching car owners in his area.

Fully mobile operation. Own water and electricity supply.


Only this summer: 4th Valet for free!

Standard Valet

from £50 *

Wash'n'Wax, interior hoover, windows cleaned inside and out. Dashboard cleaned and polished, door shuts cleaned, wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed.

Exterior Valet

from £60 *

Wash'n'Wax, exterior polished, door shuts cleaned, windows cleaned outside, wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed.

Interior Valet

from £70 *

Interior carpets and upholstery shampooed, interior hoover, vinyl cleaned, dashboard polished.

Full Valet

from £100 *

Our full valet comprise the interior and exterior valet combined.

*Prices may vary depending on the size, and condition of the vehicle.

Cards welcome!


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